Join the Global Benefits Association and Support the Global Benefits Industry.

Annual GBA Membership Fees (Membership is annually, NOT based on the Calendar year):


Corporate Premier $5,000
Corporate $2,000
Insurance Company $2,000
Employer/Benefits Dept. Membership $1,000
University/Academic Center $500
Health Insurance Agent/Benefits Consultant $500
Vendor/Service Provider $2,000

Benefits of GBA Membership

Company Profile on the Global Benefits Association Website

We will add your company profile and contact information along with your logo on the GBA website.

Introductory Email

We will send out to existing members and advisory board members an email introducing your company and providing your contact information.

Discounts at Global Benefits Conferences™ around the country!

GBA Members will receive discounts to GBA negotiated discounts to conferences around the country. Members will also receive 20% off attendance to the GBA’s annual global benefits Conference™,

Collaboration and Sharing of Ideas

GBA members will have the ability to network, collaborate and share ideas with healthcare leaders from all around the world. Learn from the successes and failures of colleagues from different parts of the world and be able to better position your company or country.

Building Brand Awareness of your company

By being a member of the Global Benefits Association, you will increase awareness and branding of your company. The GBA will be promoted through an exclusive partnership with Global Benefits Magazine, soon to be launched, where the magazine will promote the GBA and GBA members. Global Benefits Magazine will be the only dedicated magazine to the global benefits industry.

Exclusive Workshops and Networking Events

GBA members will have access to special workshops in global health insurance, marketing and branding, plus special invites to networking events.
Use of Global Benefits Association (GBA) Logo on Your Website
Members can use the GBA logo on their own website, if linked properly back to the GBA website.

Branding your company and protecting your Reputation

Our GBA members separate themselves from others in the industry and show a commitment to the growth of the industry and operating by the best practices by being a member of the GBA.


GBA members can participate in GBA committees.

Direction of the Global Benefits Industry

Members are able to give insight, advice and guidance as to the direction of the industry and the direction of the GBA.

Networking Opportunities

GBA members received advanced networking opportunities. All of the GBA members contact information is provided on the website for any interested in the Global Health Insurance industry to contact them. Also, the GBA will refer any global health insurance industry Inquiries from the GBA website to GBA’s members.