Global Medical Networking

About the Global Benefits Association

Headquartered in the United States with offices around the world, The Global Benefits Association (GBA) is the non-profit trade association for the Global Benefits and Expatriate Industry with its sole and primary focus being on health insurance, employee benefits and other insurance benefits that are delivered on an international basis and across borders. The purpose of the GBA is to provide a single authoritative voice for the Employee Benefits and Expatriate industry around the world and to grow the global benefits industry in a positive direction and to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking opportunities for those in the global insurance industry. The Global Benefits Association (GBA) represents employers, insurance companies, agents, consultants, brokers, Third party administrators, reinsurers, administrators, payers, government bodies and entities, healthcare providers, corporations, vendors, and other industry professionals.


Our mission is to create transparency in the industry of global benefits as well as providing a forum for information sharing for our members. Benefits consist of medical, dental, vision, retirement, death, disability, perquisites, allowances, EAP, and other voluntary benefits. By working collaboratively, we will collect, share and disseminate information regarding best practices, credentialing, regulation and standardization of global benefits information in order to educate the public and our members. Our consolidated efforts will assist with promoting and supporting global benefits with a focus on helping our members remain competitive and drive change.  

GBA’s Goals are to:

  • Global Collaboration and sharing of knowledge, best practices, and benchmarking in regards to global benefits issues, and joint problem solving with global benefits issues
  • Development and Sharing of Cross border Business Practices
  • Provide Tools to Member companies to Create Global Solutions
  • Educate Global Benefits vendors and industry service providers on expected levels of services and transparency
  • Promote Health and Wellness in a Global Environment where health and wellness programs may differ by country
  • Creating Transparency in Quality and Outcomes in Healthcare, across borders.
  • Support governments bodies in their healthcare initiatives and to assist them in reducing the burden and cost of providing healthcare.
  • Creating Regulations for the industry, standard definitions, standards of practice and procedure, standard policy language and certification to simplify global benefits business practices and expectations.
  • Sharing Best Practices in Claims Management, such as Case Management, Disease Management, Wellness and other initiatives, that successfully reduce healthcare costs.
  • Sharing of methods of prevention that are being utilized in different parts of the world to assist in the prevention of diseases and catastrophic health conditions.